Montrose, South Dakota - History

Montrose Memories Book

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Version Can be printed?Water Marked?Can Be Edited? 
V1PDF - Digital DownloadNOYESNO12.3 MB digital download
V2PDF - File via US MailNOYESNONot Printable
V3PDF - File via US MailYESYESNOPrintable
  Book   Printed copy of bookN/ANON/A 

The quality of the photos in the original book is not great. The scanned copies display the photos as well as possible.

Files are mailed via US Mail Priory.  Files are on CDRom or optionally on flash drive.

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to be able to read the PDF files.  This reader is available for FREE download.

Available in partnership with Busy Bee Club, PO Box 44, Montrose, SD 57048. 
The Montrose Memories book was published by the Busy Bee Club of Montrose in 1976.